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What is Silkteen? 

Silkteen is a residential therapeutic programme available to young people, who may be experiencing;  

• emotional distress, anxiety, low self-esteem/depression, • family relations breakdown,
• substance mis-use, intrusive thoughts/OCD
• panic attacks, trauma related stress.  

With a range of Therapeutically trained staff, counsellors and support team, providing the highest in care standards.  

Aims of Silkteen: 

All young people who complete the programme will;  

Recognise and understand their emotions  

Increase in their personal wellbeing (indicators/web, explored prior to, during and on completion of the programme.)  

Develop healthy coping strategies Have a defined self-care plan
Have a network of identified support  

With profound and pressing needs, young people are at the forefront of Silkworth’s efforts. In the Channel Islands alone, hundreds of young people meet the criteria for admission to treatment but very few receive the services they need. 

Beyond the sheer magnitude of the problem, we know from experience that young people have different treatment needs than their adult counterparts. Young people need developmentally appropriate, clinically integrated approaches that address their specific and complex treatment needs.  

Silkworth’s teenager and adolescent programme provides education, support and guidance to young people who are not diagnosed with addiction but have experienced mild to moderate substance use. Working one-to-one with an experienced professional, the young person takes a closer look at his or her drinking or other drug use, identifies reasons for using, examines the effects of the substance abuse in daily life, and learns to make healthier choices.  

Each young person seeking help at Silkworth comes with a unique personal history and set of circumstances. Depending on assessment, we treat people between the ages of 13 and 18 within Silkworth’s youth continuum.  

At Silkworth, we deliver treatment according to the needs of the individual. Residential treatment may be necessary for some, this is the reason why Hope House provides a welcoming homely and comfortable environment which will make the transition into residential care for a young person more seemless. For most, a combination of treatment services provide the best chance for recovery.  

Separate progammes allow individuals to stay focused on their own recovery process, exploring sensitive issues in a safe and supportive environment, and strengthening fellowship with peers. Young people are able to continue education while in treatment as local teachers will be employed to work with the individuals school to coordinate assignments.  

We also have a specialised support programme that prepares young people for the unique challenges of university/college life and recovery. Assessments identify the individuals personal strengths and risk areas, and a comprehensive continuing care plan provides a roadmap for successfully navigating the transition.