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Following treatment at Silkworth Lodge, you have the opportunity to move into our Secondary Residential Treatment facility to help support your transition from intense rehabilitation treatment, into normal living. It is an opportunity to ease yourself back into life with the support of staff and a structured environment so that you can begin to look for work, permanent accommodation and receive continued peer support whilst doing so. 

Accommodation is offered in 2 stages, the first being a communal environment, sharing kitchen and living areas with your own private bedroom and bathroom. The second is a self-catered apartment environment which allows you to experience living more independently, but with the support of staff and peers next door. 

It is important to acknowledge that Secondary Treatment can be as important as Primary Treatment as it is the early days of recovery that can often be the most challenging. By choosing to continue your treatment in our Secondary facility, you are choosing to strengthen your recovery and ongoing sobriety. 

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When you've completed Primary Rehabilitation Treatment at Silkworth Lodge, you have the option to move into the first stage of Secondary Treatment, situated at 28, West Park Avenue.

Secondary Treatment encourages you to live more independently, but with 24 hour support should it be required. You can attend a daily therapeutic group to discuss how you're getting on and any issues you're facing.

28, West Park Avenue is a communal house, where you work as part of a team to look after your living space, take turns to cook and take responsibility for individual daily duties. It's important that those living in the house pull together as a team, much like your experience at Silkworth Lodge, as this supports your relational, communication and social skills. We also encourage you to look after yourself and your surroundings. It's a gentle, safe transition to independent living and over time you begin to build your confidence in your new-found life without being dependent on chemical substances.

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Following a successful stay at 28 Westpark Avenue, you can move into the second stage of Secondary Treatment, next door in 26 Westpark Avenue. 
This facility is made up of individual self-contained apartments where you have a space of your own, so you can take on more responsibility for yourself such as do your own cooking and cleaning. Although this house is not staffed, you still have the option to use our support staff next door at No. 28 West Park Avenue.

Our Secondary Treatment facilities provide a very gentle bridge to support your transition into normal living and society.  The early days of recovery can often be the most challenging and we believe this approach gives you the best chance of a sustainable recovery on leaving Primary Treatment

Aftercare & Relapse Prevention test

Recovery needs to be maintained, which is why we encourage you to return to Silkworth’s weekly aftercare support group.  Here, you have the opportunity to discuss any difficulties arising in your early recovery and maintain contact with your peers. You're also encouraged to attend regular Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous meetings.

If you're a Guernsey or UK resident, our Treatment Director provides fortnightly support in your location. 

Looking back, going into rehabilitation was one of the most unnerving but best decisions I have ever made. I will be forever grateful to Silkworth as I now have my life back and most of all, the love of rny family, which is my most valued possession.

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