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Primary Treatment

Primary rehabilitation takes place in a safe and caring residential environment where you are fully advised and other professionals consulted as appropriate. The treatment requires you to commit to undertake the programme and challenge your behaviours with alcohol or drug use. 

We understand that going into residential treatment can be daunting. It’s unknown territory for most. Silkworth Lodge offers a safe, caring and confidential environment where your wellbeing is our utmost priority. We treat everyone with respect and dignity and give you the opportunity to start looking at yourself in a safe, supportive environment, perhaps for the very first time in your life.

Silkworth Lodge's residential rehabilitation programme is abstinence-based and uses the 12-step programme of recovery. It is tailor made to you and includes cognitive behaviour therapy, motivational enhancement and relapse prevention through a personalised care plan, counselling in a safe, therapeutic environment, specific workshops, assignments, group therapies, fitness and nutrition.

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Full treatment Programme (8-12 weeks) test

Your health. Your career. Your relationships. Your self-respect. Addiction is a chronic, progressive illness.  Through the specialised treatment program at Silkworth you will find personalised care, unparalleled expertise, and peer support to help rebuild your life and preserve your family and career.

The emotional and spiritual transformation that takes place during rehabilitation leads you to go from a fearful, confused, chaotic alcoholic or addict, into a loving, compassionate, focused person who can live a healthy and productive life.

The early phase of treatment is designed to educate you about the reality you are in, while supporting you to explore how your substance use has negatively affected your life and those around you. 

Once you understand and accept your powerlessness over addictive substances, the remainder of treatment is designed to help you identify, admit and discuss the emotional, spiritual, intellectual and interpersonal causes and conditions that have contributed to your desire to drink and/or abuse drugs.

We offer a safe, supportive and respectful treatment environment, which includes ongoing medical care, individual counselling within a personalised care plan, specific workshops, assignments, group therapies, fitness and nutrition.

Each client's overall treatment progress is measured by the degree in which you have understood and put into action the fundamental principles of the programme which prepares you for ongoing “one day at a time” sobriety.

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Foundation Programme (4 weeks) test

This is a condensed programme giving those that may have commitments the opportunity to explore recovery in a shorter, more intense time-frame.

Your individual treatment programme includes a personalised care plan, working with your counsellor in a safe, therapeutic environment.  Rehabilitation also involves specific workshops, assignments, group therapies, fitness and nutrition.

Throughout your treatment, the therapeutic team are actively engaged in identifying your continuing therapeutic needs. These plans are finalised well before discharge and typically include recommendations regarding therapeutic monitoring, fitness-for-duty and suggestions for the ongoing support needs for yourself, family members, employers and colleagues. 

Finally, we recommend that you participate in our weekly aftercare support group and continue to attend Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous support groups.

Refresher Programme (2-4 weeks) test

This allows more in-depth time on issues, including building relapse prevention and sober living skills. You have the opportunity to put into practice new recovery skills and develop a deeper understanding of what you need to do to recover. The practices are intended to foster increased awareness of triggers, and seemingly “automatic” reactions. These practices support the ability to pause, observe present experience, and bring awareness to the range of choices before you in every moment. You begin to change your relationship with yourself, learning to recognise and increase the capacity for challenging emotional and physical experiences, responding to them skilfully, rather than reactively and thus move towards, freed from from deeply ingrained and often destructive cognitive and behavioural habits

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Looking back, going into rehabilitation was one of the most unnerving but best decisions I have ever made. I will be forever grateful to Silkworth as I now have my life back and most of all, the love of rny family, which is my most valued possession.

Next Steps

Anyone who believes they may have a dependency to alcohol or drugs can ask for a free consultation with a counsellor.

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