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The presence of a chemically dependant employee can have an extremely damaging affect in the workplace, on the organisation, on colleagues and clients as well as the business community.

Despite former myths and beliefs, dependency whether it be to alcohol, drugs, medication or any other is an illness. It affects the individual both physically and psychologically and therefore should be treated as a health issue.

Tell tale signs for dependancy test

  • Reduced work performance
  • Increase in absentee-ism and poor time-keeping
  • Alcoholic symptoms (i.e., shaking, obvious smell of alcohol, increased perspiration)
  • Unacceptable conduct
  • Changes in mood and behaviour

How to approach your employee test

As a professional organisation we are sure that you provide a good standard of care to your employees and also treatment and support where necessary. With fully trained staff, your Human Resource team is most likely to be well aware of those who are in need of assistance, however, it can be a difficult subject to broach. For many chemical dependant people, it is very difficult to admit that they have a problem and they may also feel shame and guilt because of the stigma attached to addiction.

However if an individual feels supported and non-judged they are more likely to feel more comfortable in speaking openly. It is not the employers responsibility to counsel or diagnose the individual however you can support and encourage them to get the appropriate help.

Chemical dependancy can be costly test

Chemical dependency can be costly to any organisation when people are absent and performance is not at its best. If drinking or self medication becomes a dominant part of a person's daily life they will find themselves absolutely powerless to stop the chaos, so why not put your hand out to help and provide them with the treatment needed. You have invested in these people so why not let us help you safeguard your investment.

Silkworth Lodge is the only treatment centre in the Channel Islands

Silkworth Lodge is the only treatment centre in the Channel Islands. It is a non-profit organisation, owned and administered by The Families in Recovery Trust, to support those with drug and alcohol dependency, together with their families. This is provided at an effective cost which is substantially lower than many UK treatment centers and we have been assessed by UK social services as being within the top 3% of treatment centers in the UK. Silkworth Lodge is highly regarded by the States of Jersey and regulated by the Nursing and Residential Homes (Law) 1994.

Looking back, going into rehabilitation was one of the most unnerving but best decisions I have ever made. I will be forever grateful to Silkworth as I now have my life back and most of all, the love of rny family, which is my most valued possession.

Next Steps

Anyone who believes they may have a dependency to alcohol or drugs can ask for a free consultation with a counsellor.

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