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Education Programme

We believe that Education for Children and Adults is key to working towards assisting in generational change with attitudes towards Alcoholism and drug addiction.

At Silkworth we tailor Education Programmes for Secondary Schools individual to the school itself as well as taking into account the age range within the year group that we are working with. Each session covers Addiction as an illness, Consequences of misusing a substance, a personal share from a recovering alcoholic/addict. All groups are interactive with plenty of time for conversation and questions around the nature of addiction.

We also provide tailored programmes for employers around addiction in the workplace. These programmes cover Addiction within society today, stigmas, signs to look out for as well as specific information for managers. We also help employers with their Alcohol and drug policies in order that they are fit for purpose and in line with best practice.

Education is key to generational change around how we deal with and view drug and alcohol addiction. Please contact us for further information on our education programmes.

In order to make an impact on generational change around how we view addiction to drugs or alcohol, we need to start with Education that includes the workplace as well as schools. JASON WYSE CEO.

Next Steps

Anyone who believes they may have a dependency to alcohol or drugs can ask for a free consultation with a counsellor.

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