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National Limerick Day


Happy National Limerick Day “You have finally started to change and grow Recovery can be hard and slow You have what it takes Because your sanity is at stake So let your gratitude overflow”

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The Increase in Alcohol Consumption During COVID-19


The Guardian recently reported that problem drinking is soaring in the UK under lock-down due to feelings of isolation, stress and uncertainty. According to the article: “Alcohol sales in Britain were 30% higher than usual in March, as people prepared for, and became used to, living under the lock-down, which began on the 23rd of the month. One in five of Britons who drink – about 8.6 million people – have begun drinking more often since then, a

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Tips for Social Distancing in Recovery


In a period when old routines are lost, creating routines is essential to provide structure in your day and reduce the opportunities to turn to chemical misuse. Remembering the importance of self-care, connecting with others online or by phone, online meetings, and finding ways to practice mindfulness for the benefit of mind and body can be productive ways to proactively manage your recovery at home. As the global pandemic of COVID-19 has ma

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Recovery & Sobriety during the Pandemic


One of the first pointers we are told in recovery is: Don’t isolate. Seek out community. Yet, the advice now given by clinicians to keep us all healthy and to help us be responsible to our communities is exactly (or seemingly) the opposite: Isolate. Keep your distance from each other. Without the support of our recovery community/ meetings etc. It can be hard trying to stay sober in this uncertain time. Many might struggle with sobriety when c

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NEW Recovery Day Service Timetable


We are excited to announce our NEW Recovery Day Service Timetable including Early Spring and Late Spring Family Program dates, Recovery Reset Courses and Meditation. For more information please contact Silkworth at:

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