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Online Family Programme - 2021 Course Dates

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Posted on 14/01/21

We understand that the pain of chemical dependency extends far beyond the afflicted individual and how the issues impact the lives of all those who care about or depend upon the individual who has been struggling with addiction including family members, close friends and professional colleagues.

As such, we believe that it is important to offer family, friends and others support that is designed to address individual needs, strengthen the family, friendship unit and educate all on how best to support the affected individual. Experience has shown the effectiveness of our programmes, which offer support and information to help both those close to the person with the chemical dependency and also the person with the dependency. This process enables all involved to maintain healthy boundaries and develop more constructive ways to communicate.

Due to current circumstances, the Family Programme is going to be delivered as a virtual support process to enable awareness of chemical dependency, how to develop strategies and look at the choices of lifestyle changes that will empower more satisfying lives for everyone – the person with the problem and those suffering because of it.

Our Online Family Programme is a 6-week virtual process via a Zoom platform.


Week No.




Thursday, 28 January

       What is Addiction


Thursday, 04 February

       The Family Response


Thursday, 11 February



Thursday, 18 February

       Family Systems


Thursday, 25 February

       Treatment Model


Thursday, 04 March

       Recovery Plan

Email Wendy for the joining details for the next Silkworth Online Family Programme

Further information telephone: 01534 729 060

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