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Meet Courtney - Silkteens Residential Registered Manager

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Posted on 07/04/21

1). The Silkworth Charity Group are about to launch a new programme called Silkteens, can you explain a little about the programme please. 

Silkteen is a residential therapeutic programme available to young people, aged 13-18 years (inclusive) who are experiencing emotional distress, anxiety/ low self-esteem/depression, family relations breakdown, substance mis-use, eating dis-orders, intrusive thoughts/ OCD/ obsessions, self-harm, panic attacks and trauma related stress. The programme is a four-week structured residential programme that will provide a daily structure of therapeutic activities and counselling, to develop an understanding of and recognition of feelings, emotions and healthy coping strategies. 

The aim of Silkteen is that all young people who complete the programme will;

·       Recognise and understand their emotions

·       Increase in their personal wellbeing (indicators/web, explored prior to, during and on completion of the programme.) 

·       Develop healthy coping strategies  

·       Have a defined self-care plan

·       Have a network of identified support 

2). You are the Silkteen Residential Registered Manager, can you tell us a little more about your role and what it entails please? 

I am responsible for managing all aspects of running the Home for the planned placements to ensure young people are supported and prepared to live healthier more productive lives. To ensure that high levels of emotional and physical care, appropriate activities, comfortable accommodation are provided in accordance to the homes procedures and individual care plans. I will consider the suitability of any referrals / requests for short extensions, considering the needs of all the young people at Silkteen and will hold the responsibility/decision for allocation of residential placements.   

To ensure that equality and diversity are being implemented for the young people and my staff team, ensuring positive well being throughout Hope House.


3). What would you say to someone who is thinking of coming to Silkteens but is nervous about taking that first step? 

To be honest, I wouldn’t say a lot, just because I understand words can be lost in communication for individuals who may be experiencing trauma, mental health problems or any other distress. However, I would offer and invite them to come and see Hope House, let the individual make their own mind up if they believe this beautiful setting and amazing programme will help and benefit them. Whatever they decide to do, I would give praise to the individual for making the first difficult step, which is talking about things and their feelings. Once the young person feels ready and they would like to ask more about the programme itself, I would use age appropriate communication and information about what we do at Hope House and who would be involved with their independent support plans.


4). What do you like to do in your spare time? 

I am a mum of 2 amazing girls who give me the daily strength to continue my personal growth. Whenever I am off work or have spare time, I will spend it with my girls. We enjoy days at the zoo, parks, amazing maze and swimming, also to paid activities like gymnastics with Little Monkeys and Arco with Essential Dance.

I also ensure I find an hour a day for myself, I call this ‘me time’, which I think is so important for anyone. I spend this hour going to my boxing sessions with Boxinbusiness. I love these classes, boxing is a good form of mindfulness and self-help for me! 


5). If you weren’t working at Silkteens what would you be doing? 

I would be working in another role doing something I am passionate about. I always ensure I am happy with the job I am in as this makes better practice. I chose a career which involved helping people, so I don’t know where exactly I would be, but I know I would be doing another role I loved.

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