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Living in Recovery on the Weekend

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Posted on 23/01/20

It’s that Friday feeling! Washing away the working weeks’ stresses and gearing up for the weekend. But if you are living a clean & sober life, certain events and old habits need to be avoided. Becoming clean/sober is a real life change. We’ve all seen pubs/bars overflowing with friends catching up with each other, socialising, celebrating. But these kind of environments are not always healthy for people in recovery. So instead of avoiding social occasions all together, what can you do to have a fulfilled weekend in recovery? It is common for newly sober individuals to approach their weekends with a real sense of dread, but it does not have to be this way

I joined my local gym 3 months ago and the gym class on a Friday night is the highlight of my week! I look forward to this class and always make sure I can attend. It is full of like-minded people who come together to feel better about themselves whilst having a laugh and a social at the same time. After the class we all head into the swimming pool and talk about travelling the world, work, sporting events etc. And the best part, the price of my gym membership is equivalent to buying 2 cocktails at the bar per week.

However, if you are not sporty, there are still plenty of ways to unwind on the weekend without heading to environments that will trigger temptation. Remember, boredom is a common relapse trigger, so it is recommended that you find something interesting to do:

1.     If you belong to a recovery group, then it may be a good idea to attend a meeting over the weekend – it is much better to be around those who are in recovery because these individuals can inspire you and give you strength.

2.     Remember your reasons for choosing sobriety – it is vital that you have clear, positive reasons for committing to recovery. If you do not have these in place then it can be very hard to keep going if you begin to experience cravings.

3.     Head to museums - Not only are museums educational, but they also serve as a great, quiet space for reflection and meditation. And most are free!

4.     For film lovers – there’s always the option to catch a film at the local cinema. Grab a friend and make a night of it by doing dinner and a movie. Or you can invite some friends over, pop some corn, and host a film fest of your own.

5.     Travel – go on a little adventure. Often getaways to new places bring out the most enlightening and positive experiences while in recovery.

6.     For learners – take up an online or evening course, or pick up a good read at the bookshop/library.

7.     Get outside – take a walk; to the coffee shop, go for a hike, or to do some late-night window shopping. You may find the fresh air rejuvenating.

If you feel like you ever need help in your journey towards recovery, please do not hesitate to reach out. You can learn more about Silkworth’s prorgammes on our website online:

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