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Silkworth Giveaway

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Posted on 08/03/19

Silkworth are giving away a £50 Hand Picked Hotels gift voucher.

The gift voucher was donated by Silkworth founder and chairman, Frank Laine, who was given the voucher after swimming out and rescuing a woman struggling with hypothermia in the sea last week. With no thought about their personal safety, Frank and another swimmer, Lorna Anderson, swam the 500 meters out to rescue the woman in freezing water. News link below:

As a thank you for "dragging me out of the BIG BLUE...I am very grateful", the woman gifted Frank with the £50 voucher which has since been donated to Silkworth.

For National Good Samaritan Day (13th March) Silkworth are asking for people to get in touch and tell us why you think you or a loved one should receive this voucher.

Please send your comments to:

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