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Silkworms Children's Programme Secures funding for 2019 from 'The Rotary Club Of Jersey'

Posted on 04/03/19

Silkworth Charity Group is delighted to announce that it has received funding to the amount of £11,000 to operate its Children's Programme ( Silkworms ) which was launched in May 2018.

Silkworms is a dedicated programme for Children aged between 7 and 12 years of age who have a parent, older sibling or other close family member that suffers with the illness of Chemical Dependency/Addiction. 

Peter Pexton, president of the Rotary Club of Jersey commented: - “we are very pleased to have been able to provide financial support to the Silkworms Childrens Programme, and have been very impressed by this pioneering initiative and the positive impact it brings to those children affected by the addictions of a close family member “

Lynsey Mallinson, Silkworms Children’s Programme Facilitator commented: - “Silkworms has taken off amazingly well since its launch in May 2018. The groups have engaged well with the content and activities and the feedback has been so positive from the children, parents and referring agencies. Addiction is such a difficult subject to talk about, bringing with it many mixed and confusing emotions. We provide a safe space for children to start to discuss and explore the illness of addiction and how it impacts on them and their families. This in turn then enables them to work through their emotions and to feel differently as well as forming the basis of more open conversations and understanding at home.”

Jason Wyse, Silkworth Charity Group CEO commented:  I am extremely proud of what Silkworms has achieved since it launched last year. We have worked with children in that period that would not normally have had access to such a unique service had Silkworms not been available.  We are so grateful to The Rotary Club of Jersey, as they have financially secured the running costs for 2019, which will also enable us to review and develop further our services to young people that feel the effects of drug/alcohol addiction either directly or through a close family member. This one of society’s biggest social problems and we can’t forget that children feel the negative effects of this, as well as adults. 

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