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NEON Salon & School Raises £1570 for Silkworth

Posted on 07/02/19

All the staff at Silkworth would like to give a big thank you to Neon Hair Salon & School for their fundraising efforts through their ‘ Treatment 4 Treatment ‘ campaign that they ran throughout 2018, all the profits of which were kept for Silkworth and presented by cheque in January.

Jason Wyse, CEO said “ Both Sharon and Victoria have shown wonderful support for the work that goes on at Silkworth Lodge and the funds that were raised really do go to making a difference to people within our community that suffer the effects of what chemical dependency can bring to individuals and families. Not only have they raised this amazing amount for us, but they have also provided our clients with free haircuts over the festive period, “

The whole team at Silkworth Charity Group genuinely appreciate this kind of support as it really does make a difference!

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