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Interview with a Mother from the Family Programme

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Posted on 23/04/19

1). Why did you decide to participate in the Silkworth Family Programme/ can you tell us a little about your situation before you came here?

It was when my daughter came to me and admitted she had a problem with prescription painkillers.

2). How did you hear about the Silkworth Family Programme?

I went onto the Silkworth website and saw that they were starting a new Family Programme which I enrolled in.

3). How did you feel before you sourced help?

Desperate, helpless, hysterical, lonely to say but a few

4). How do you feel now you've completed the programme?

Enlightened and able to view addiction as an illness

5). What are the top 3 things you've learnt on this programme?

It's not my fault; although I do still struggle with this. 

I have no control over my loved one and the choices/path she chooses - to "let it go". To re-connect with other loved ones whom I feel I had neglected their needs.

6). How is your situation now?

After two years on the methadone programme with D&A and over a year drug free, my daughter had a lapse and has been in recovery successfully now for six months.

7). What advice would you give a parent who is struggling with their child's chemical dependency?

Enroll! Wendy and the family Programme will change/save your life!

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