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Creating Your Recovery

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Posted on 03/09/19

Imagine starting a garden. You plot the space, build the beds, buy the soil, lay it down, pick what you want to grow, plant the seeds, and then never tend to the garden again. You don’t water the seeds, you don’t pull weeds, and you don’t do anything to care for what you’re trying to grow. Would it be surprising when nothing produces from the garden? Of course not. How would you expect a garden to grow without ever contributing to the garden? 

At some point, we might fool ourselves into thinking that just staying sober and abstaining from relapse is enough for us. However, recovery holds many more promises for us, many more gifts for us, and many more rewards for us than just the ability to not pick up a drink or a drug on a daily basis. (And for the chronic alcoholic or addict, staying sober may not even be possible with this barebones approach to recovery.) Like our garden, we can only reap the bounty we sow by tending to our growth- meaning, we get out of our recovery what we put into our recovery. 

Surround yourself with any number of people who work earnestly, tending to their garden of recovery and you’ll see thriving life in their eyes. Recovery gives us an opportunity to live full, engaging, thrilling, adventurous lives beyond our wildest dreams if we allow ourselves to create it. 

You try new things, you create new habits, you develop new passions, and you approach life every day as an opportunity to continue growing, continue creating, and continue living. What you get out of your life is exactly what you put into your life. 

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