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60 Seconds with Wendy

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Posted on 20/05/19

Wendy runs the Family Programme and is a Recovery Consultant. Personal and professional insight enables Wendy to help others find their recovery path be it from addiction or the suffering caused by addiction aligning Silkworth’s own ethos. 

1). What does Silkworth mean to you?

Silkworth is all about helping others – we cannot be effective unless we reach out to people and help them understand what we’re about. There is so much help now for anyone struggling with chemical dependency. So Silkworth means to me community.

2). You run the Family Programme, can you tell us a little about that please?

The Family Programme has been put together to help those people that suffer the effects of addiction. So many families become dysfunctional because of the impact that chemical dependency has on it. The addict can get help from various agencies but there’s not anything for the family – they are really confused, they’re hurting a lot and they don’t understand why. They can obviously see the cause of what’s happening but they don’t understand the emotional trauma that they’ve gone through, and it often is traumatic because of the extremes that this illness takes people. So the Family Programme helps right size everything and helps them see that they aren’t alone, that other people are dealing with similar problems and it gives them a safe place to talk about it.

3). What do you like doing in your spare time?

At the moment I am learning ballroom dancing, which I’m really enjoying! I like walking, I’ve also bought myself an electric bike so I’ve started biking regularly. 

4). If you weren’t working at Silkworth, what would you be doing?

I would still be working with people and would still be working in the field of mental health and counselling because it’s my passion.

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