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60 Seconds with Nigel

Nigel Fowler Landscape
Posted on 13/08/19

Nigel came on board as a permanent support worker in 2015. Prior to that, he worked on our team of bank staff for three years.

1). What does Silkworth mean to you?

It is a place to work where we really make a difference to peoples lives.

2). You are a Support Worker at Silkworth, can you tell us a bit about that please?

The role of a Support Worker is quite simple, to keep the Building and the Clients Safe. But the execution of the role can be challenging at times.

3). What would you say to someone who is thinking of coming to Silkworth but is nervous about taking that first step?

I would find out how serious they were about receiving treatment then encourage them to make the first step.

4). What do you like to do in your spare time?

I enjoy spending time with my Wife and our Son, Walking, Both by the Sea and in the Country, Traveling, Eating Out and spending time with Family and Friends.

I also love Playing Badminton and enjoy watching Sport especially Formula 1 and Tennis.

5). If you weren’t working at Silkworth what would you be doing?

Probably I would have continued working at St. Paul’s Centre as I was there at the time of starting at Silkworth.


6). What is your favourite part about living in Jersey?

 The fact that you can be by the Sea one minute - My favourite beach (One of the Best in the World) Plemont - And in the country five minutes later.

 Somewhere like Waterworks Valley is great looking at the wildlife, especially Red Squirrels and the Birds or Queens Valley feeding the Robins in winter.

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