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60 Seconds with Manuel

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Posted on 13/05/19

Manuel has been managing the kitchen since 2007 and provides excellent menu options to our clients which covers everyone’s needs. Food and nutrition are a vital part of someone’s early recovery and Manuel manages to deliver the requirements that this dictates whilst also involving clients and sharing his experiences with them.

1). What does Silkworth mean to you?

Here at Silkworth we care about people, that’s the main thing. To me, it’s about the care of others.

2). You are the chef at Silkworth Lodge, can you tell us a bit about that please?

I provide quality food for clients – they are not in a good way when they first come into primary treatment and I provide them with fresh, nutritious food, as this is a huge part of recovery. I adapt to people’s needs – vegetarians, vegans, gluten free etc. You have to accommodate everybody, to keep them happy and healthy! 

3). Is there a chef you admire the most?

For me, James Martin, I like the way he cooks and his attention to detail when he is serving up. I also like the way Jamie Oliver cooks fish.

5). What is your favourite cuisine?

I like traditional home cooking – hearty, homemade, comfort food.

6). If you weren’t working at Silkworth what would you be doing?

Cooking is my passion so I would still be a chef! In my spare time I do stone work, I like to work with stone, I actually made the stone Silkworth sign at the front of the Lodge, but that’s my hobby, cooking is my passion.

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