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Children's Programme Update

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Posted on 28/02/18

The team here at Silkworth have been busy behind the scenes developing the islands first programme for children aged 7 to 12 years old that have a parent or older sibling that suffers  with addiction.

Our launch date will be April 2018 and we plan to hold a soft launch for agencies and individuals who have an interest in understanding more about what the programme will offer and how it can be accessed.

We understand and see everyday the damage that addiction causes within the Family Unit and in particular with children and we are therefore committed to giving those children a voice in order that they don’t have to carry some of the sad and traumatic things that they have witnessed. 

The Children’s Program will provide education and support for children who are dealing with an addicted family member, usually a parent or older sibling. During the four-day program, children who have been effected by addiction go through role-playing exercises, games and group discussions that help them identify and express their feelings, develop self-care skills, and strengthen their communication skills. 

We help them to understand it’s not their fault. We give them tools to deal with issues as they come up, not let them build up inside. We talk about this being a family illness, and that this is an illness that hurts everyone.

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