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Silkworth Charity Group Childrens Programme – Launching March 2018

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Posted on 19/12/17

Silkworth Charity Group are set to launch their Children’s Program in March 2018.

The program is a first of its kind in jersey and is aimed at children aged between 7 and 12 years old, the goal of which is to initiate the healing process for children growing up in a family that has been hurt by alcoholism and other drug addictions.

The program will provide education and support for children who are dealing with an addicted family member, usually a parent or older sibling.  The four day process will help those children through role-play exercises, games and group discussions that will ultimately help them to express their feelings and the impact that their addicted family members addiction has had on them. By being able to do this , the children are then able to develop their own self care mechanisms whilst also helping them with the tools to improve their ability to comfortably be able to communicate their feelings.

Whilst this is a children’s program, it is also important to include the parents and family members to participate and this is facilitated on day 4 of the program, where everyone can participate for the majority of the day in activities designed to help them all celebrate and enjoy returning to being a loving, caring, together family.

The Chief Executive Officer of the Silkworth Charity Group, Jason Wyse, said: ‘Addiction is a family illness whereby the alcoholic/addict is the first of many who feel the impact of the addiction, children and other family members however are often the last to be helped. It is often the case that the focus is on the alcoholic / Addict where there are many treatment options available to them, particularly here in Jersey, but what happens to significant others who have to witness the chaos and destruction that the illness of chemical dependency brings ? And what happens to the children who often do not have a voice to express the impact on them on what they have witnessed ? The Children’s program now enables us to provide the full range of support to all those within the family unit where chemical dependency is prevalent and ultimately give those children that are often helped last, the voice and environment to express their feelings and understand more, and importantly to understand that they are not alone.’

The program will run over a four day period ( 3.5 to 4 hours per day ) and will include snack breaks and lunch, not too dissimilar to what children would experience in a school setting. Each day is geared to take the child through the journey in the most controlled and empathic way and is titled as below:-

Day one

Explaining Alcoholism/Addiction – What is it? Explaining the program, Treatment & Recovery Process

Day Two

Talking more about Alcoholism/Addiction – Its OK to share My Feelings – I’m safe here

Day Three

The Heart of Recovery – Taking Care of Me

Day Four

Changing our Family Legacy – Celebrating You and Me

This is an exciting time for the charity and being able to fill this gap with this new program, will really help those children that need it. We will keep you updated with developments in this regard over the next couple of months.

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