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New Community Day Programme

Posted on 09/12/15

Following on from a recent article in the Jersey Evening Post we would like to take this opportunity to give a more detailed explanation of what the Day Programme is. Miss Ecobichon-Gray is a trained Substance Misuse Therapist with an MSc in Health Psychology, who has worked in addiction services in London for the past four years and more recently at HMP La Moye. She will be undertaking the role of Day Programme Manager in order to use her valuable experience to promote and deliver the programme here in jersey.

We are extremely proud of the fact that we will soon be offering a drop-in space for individuals who are struggling with their substance misuse, and whilst this service will be open to those who are in full time ‘professional’ roles, we think it is vitally important to confirm that we are a service catering to any and all individuals who feel they may need support in relation to their substance misuse.

We recognise that no-one starts out with the intention of becoming addicted to alcohol and/or drugs; furthermore we also recognise that not every individual who uses substances will become addicted. However for those who feel their use has become problematic we will provide treatment that is client-centred and individualised. We are not treatment specific, meaning clients can access a range of options to best suit their individual needs.


Addiction, or harmful use of any substance, can often result in a gradual decline in happiness, self-confidence, self-worth, family relationships and hope for the future. Through the acknowledgement and understanding of the effects of addiction the Community Day Programme aims to support individuals in increasing their Recovery Capital which, research has shown, initiates and supports long-term recovery.

You may be wondering what Recovery Capital is, it can be described as the internal resources an individual can draw upon to sustain Recovery, and is made up of four components human capital, cultural capital, social capital and economic capital. The purpose of building Recovery Capital is to enable an individual to move-on from their addiction in a positive way through the achievement of a healthy, happy and meaningful life. Areas of an individual’s life that may once have been neglected are brought back into focus, including physical health, positive self-identity, family relationships and employment.

The main goal of the Community Day Programme is to provide a space that is for people in recovery, by people in recovery. We believe that those who have achieved recovery or who are working towards it, should be extremely proud of their achievements and we would like to draw upon their knowledge to provide visible recovery and the emergence of a Recovery Community to all who access this service. Our clients are experts in their own addiction our purpose is to provide professional support and introduce recovery tools which will enable them to move forward with their lives and in turn support others to do the same.

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