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Jersey Alcohol Profile 2015

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Posted on 17/11/15

Jerseys Alcohol Profile has today been made available to the public of Jersey. It shows a slight decline in the amount of alcohol consumed per capita, however this does not mean that the problem is solved and it certainly doesn’t mean that we should be complacent in our approach to tackling the islands alcohol problems.

The report is a good piece of work that has brought the subject back into the public domain, which itself sparks debate etc, which can only be a good thing in the long run.

Silkworths view on the report is that it is a great piece of work that we are able to share with the public of Jersey and whilst there are no real big surprises within the report for people that work within the field of drug and alcohol locally, it certainly does highlight that positive changes in drinking habits are possible, however the effects of this will be felt through generational change provided that we get the education and awareness right and delivered in a consistent manner. I strongly believe that Education is the key to assisting generational change around how alcohol is consumed and how we understand the dangers surrounding it within the community of Jersey.


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